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Ultimate Mealworm Starter Kits By Deanna Stinnett

$ 40.00

We are pleased to offer our customers mealworm starter kits by Deanna Stinnett.  Deanna has been offering her starter kits on The Mealworm Farming Facebook page she created which now has several thousand members.    Her starter kits are designed for someone who wants to jump start their breeding colony.  

Her kits comes with 1 cup of wheat bran bedding containing freshly laid mealworm eggs,  15 pupa and 15 breeding beetles.   Adult beetles are very valuable and not usually sold by breeders.   Each female beetle will lay approx 250-500 eggs over 3 months.   Your colony will take off in no time.  

This kit does not contain mealworms only eggs, beetles and pupa.    If you would like mealworms please refer to our mealworm section and we will ship those to you separately.