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Fruit Fly Culture Care Sheet - Gold Country Mealworms

fruit fly culture care sheet

Fruit fly cultures are easy to take care of with the right knowledge.  This fruit fly culture care sheet will help you keep your culture healthy and booming with flys.  Our Gold Country Mealworms fruit fly cultures will produce thousands of flys if cared for properly. 

fruti fly culture care sheet

Your culture will be shipped with tape over the lid to keep the lid in place.   You will want to remove all of that tape so the air holes are not blocked.    Then you will want to put your culture in a place where the temperature is between 70-78F out of direct sunlight.    In about 12-14 days your culture will have a boom of flys.  You can now start feeding from the culture.    Its best to always dust your flys with a quality calcium and multivitamin supplement to ensure optimal nutrition for your pets!

Once the boom is finished you should do the following:

1.  Leave 50-100 flys in the culture. 

2. Scrape off any eggs on the lid and wash the lid to keep the air holes clean. 

3.  Spray a little water in the cup to keep the media moist.  

4.  Put the lid back on and put the culture on a shelf and in a few days you will have another boom of flys.