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Gold Country Mealworms Now Stocks Fruit Fly Cultures For Sale!

We are very pleased to offer this new product for sale to our customers.  Because so many of our customers who buy mealworms from us also use fruit fly cultures to feed their animals we have decided to produce and stock fruit fly cultures for sale.   

fruit fly cultures for sale


Our Dart Frogs Love Our Fly Cultures.

We are not new to producing fruit fly cultures.   We love dart frogs and have been producing fruit fly cultures for our dart frogs for many years.   Our cultures are made of our own recipe containing vitamins, minerals, and the right blend of nutrition so that our flys will be a nutritious food source for your animals.  Don't forget to dust fruit flies with a quality calcium and multivitamin supplement to ensure optimal nutrition for your pets!

dart frogs eat fruit fly cultures

Fruit Fly Cultures For Sale.

When you order one of our fruit fly cultures for sale we make it fresh just before it is shipped out.  That way you know you are not getting an old culture that has already bloomed.    We seed the culture with over 100 flys.  The culture will be ready to feed from in 10-12 days after you receive it.     Our cultures will produce thousands of flys if kept in correct conditions.     

Drosophila melanogaster are about 1/16" and are an ideal food for poison dart frogs, fish, praying mantis, young frogs, toads, other reptiles, amphibians, or captive animals that require small foods. 

For optimal production, Gold Country Mealworms fruit fly cultures for sale should be kept at 70-78F.   


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