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Insect oil from mealworms in salad dressing.

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00:01 These insects could end up in your salad.
00:18 The process.
00:43 Mealworms and insects are a great source of protein

Insects like mealworms could end up in your salad. But you might actually want them there. They are being turned into oil that’s rich in Omega -3.
It’s a simple process. First you place the insects into water. Then you blend them up. Next you separate the oil in a tube. The oil rises to the top. The oil can then be used to make a dressing for a salad.
Insects like mealworms are a great source of protein and are already used as an ingredient in protein powder. The oil is a byproduct of the protein processing and could reduce or dependence on fish.
So would you cook with insect oil?

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