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Welcome To Gold Country Mealworms

Well we finally did it.  After 10 years of raising mealworms for our wildlife rehab work we have opened our mealworm farm at Gold Country Mealworms up to the public.   Members of the public can now purchase our mealworms directly from our online store, Ebay and Amazon.  It has taken lots of time and hard work to get to this point.  Mealowrms are slow growers and in order to sell them outside of our small group we needed to have millions in stock.  This would give us the stock needed to continue to grow the colony and enough on hand to sell.    Mealworm farming requires a lot of space.    As the colony has grown so has our facility.     We now have enough room for millions of mealworms and have now started to grow superworms.     As our company grows we will keep our customers updated with blog posts about our process, our facilities and the products we offer.  We will also be happy to answer any questions about raising mealworms.         Thank you for visiting our new online store.  Check back often for updates.

You can check out our products at Gold Country Mealworms

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