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Mealworms For Sale

$ 3.99
If your temps are below 45 or above 90° you must choose "Hold for Pickup"  above to qualify for our live delivery guarantee! Our mealworms are bright, shiny and moist.   We use no GMO in the production of our mealworms.  You can order them in several sizes and quantities for...

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We specialize in growing  and selling high quality live mealworms and superworms.  All of our mealworms and superworms are bred and raised right here on our farm in the foothills of Northern California.  We control every step of their development, their environment and what they eat.  We use no GMOs, chemicals or pesticides in the production of our mealworms.  You can be confident that all of our mealworms and superwroms here at Gold Country Mealworms are healthy and nutritious and ready to be fed to your animals.  Weather you are feeding them to you chickens, sugar gliders, reptiles or putting them on your salad they are the finest quality you can purchase.